From Then to Now


This series represents a playful detour in my photographic oeuvre. Selections of eclectic images render the possibility of contrary meanings. Intuition, playfulness and repetition of particular elements or ideas evoke unconscious memories to suggest a loose non- linear narrative among unrelated fragments.  One image reflects a memory of another, or suggests a connection where none might exist in reality. Perception is heightened, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers. Presented alongside a poem about 'war and the domestic,' the work takes on a quality of otherness as if in a sudden breeze, consciousness shifts for just a moment and then recedes. 


 Childhood Memory

 An army helicopter hovers low in the late afternoon sky.

 It trains a bright spotlight on a hedge-lined garden below

 where a slender woman in a jolly-patterned apron looks up,

 reaches for a peg and lingers for a moment, as if lost

 in the sweet aroma of fresh damp laundry,

flying in the sudden breeze.  

© Angela Kelly