I believe good teaching comes from a deep commitment to scholarship where the pursuit of intellectual inquiry and the goal of artistic integrity are hallmarks of a scholar/artist.  I often say, I do not simply teach photography, rather I teach students.  Students' receptivity to my teaching of photography as a visual language with its cultural underpinnings and ever changing technical and aesthetics skill sets, has led me to coin the term ‘visual intelligence’ for what I teach.  Not only do I teach students, I teach them a form of ‘visual intelligence.’  In the student-centered classroom, I have found it extremely important to put to work students' already existing knowledge while building, dismantling and rebuilding concepts, both familiar and unfamiliar to them.

 At RIT I teach all levels of practice from first year students to graduate students. Each course I teach allows for the rigors of intellectual inquiry along with hands-on experiential learning. 


Professional Development for the Emerging Artist

The Family Album As Art

Graduate Independent Study


Contemporary Issues

Graduate Core I and ll

Fine Art Portfolio I and II

Undergraduate Independent Study

Elements of Fine Art

Photo Arts l and ll