The Uncanny Moment

The series reflects an interest in creating intimate uncanny moments within public spaces. Using the frame to create a 'stage,' unsuspecting participants or objects become actors within theatrically seen moments.  The notion of the 'real' or 'staged' is posed as the camera provides an illusion of the real. Elusive Images reveal themselves as layered fragments of memory captured directly in the camera and enhanced through the fine print in the darkroom. A man floats in space behind a rain-soaked plate glass, another polishes the mirror image of his reflection.Women pass each other by like figures on a dance floor, while children pause and direct their gaze towards mine. A jockey leaps over a fence on the surface of a shop window and a line on a road disappears into surface of the print.  Nothing is as it seems to be. Such is the beauty of 'a fact clearly seen,' 

"Yet it can happen suddenly, unexpectently and most frequently  in the half light of glimpses, that we catch sight of another visible order which intersects with ours and has nothing to do with it."  Bill Brown on Thing Theory.