Photography and Britishness Conference Yale Center for British Art Nov 4 & 5 2016

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This two-day international conference investigates the various ways in which ideas about Britain have been communicated, inflected, and contested through the photographic image. It questions how photographs are understood to mirror, reinforce, or interrupt what constitutes “Britishness” in national, local, imperial, colonial, and postcolonial contexts. Papers cover a wide range of international perspectives from the nineteenth century to today. The conference includes a panel discussion with practitioners, and delegates will be able to sign
up for break-out sessions in the Yale special collections. 

Nominated 2017 The Prix Picket Prize in Photography

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The Prix Pictet (Pictet prize) is an international award in photography and sustainability. It was founded in 2008 by the Geneva-based private Banque Pictet.[1] The mandate of the award is to use the power of photography to communicate messages about sustainability to a global audience. Its goal is to uncover photography of the highest order, applied to current social and environmental challenges. The prize is judged by an independent jury and carries a prize of CHF 100,000. There is also a Commission, in which a nominated photographer is invited to document a sustainability project.

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Peer reviewed Presentation: Translating Memory and Remembrance Across Disciplines SUNY,New Paltz, NY, October 2015.
Group Exhibit: "Neo-Pre-Proto-Anti-Para-Ultra-Contra-Post Photography," Hanes Art Center, October, 2015 .

Solo Exhibition: "Catharsis," Mason Scharfenstein Museum of Art, Sept. 1- October 31, 2014

Conference Presentation: "Lament" Ulster American Symposium, Quinnpiac, June 2014

Conference Presentation 'Lament' Image makers Talk, National Society Photographic Education, Chicago, March 2013

Conference Presentation ' Lament' American Conference on Irish Studies, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, November 2013.

Conference Presentation 'Lament' 2nd Photo media Biennale, Aalto University, Helsinki Finland, March 24.-28, 2014

Conference Presentation ' Lament' 20th Ulster-American Heritage Symposium: Irish Hunger, Poverty and Migration: A Transatlantic Perspective -- June 18-21, 2014, Quinnipiac University, USA.

Essay: "Book,Exhibition,Lecture, Website: Revisiting
Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict Belfast" by Angela Kelly in
Photography & the Artist¹s Book edited by Theresa Wilkie, Jonathan Carson
& Rosie Miller. Published by MuseumsEtc ­ go to for more information

 Book chapter; Catharsis :Images of Post-Conflict Belfast, Photographies Journal,  Volume 6, Issue1, Taylor and Francis, London, 2013.

Here and Elsewhere: Cazenovia Gallery, Cazenovia College, NY, 2012

Gallery r Invitational, Rochester NY, USA 2012

Regarding Place: Photomedia Invitational (4 artists) Tower Fine Arts, Brockport, NY