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Peer reviewed Presentation: Translating Memory and Remembrance Across Disciplines SUNY,New Paltz, NY, October 2015.
Group Exhibit: "Neo-Pre-Proto-Anti-Para-Ultra-Contra-Post Photography," Hanes Art Center, October, 2015 .

Solo Exhibition: "Catharsis," Mason Scharfenstein Museum of Art, Sept. 1- October 31, 2014

Conference Presentation: "Lament" Ulster American Symposium, Quinnpiac, June 2014

Conference Presentation 'Lament' Image makers Talk, National Society Photographic Education, Chicago, March 2013

Conference Presentation ' Lament' American Conference on Irish Studies, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, November 2013.

Conference Presentation 'Lament' 2nd Photo media Biennale, Aalto University, Helsinki Finland, March 24.-28, 2014

Conference Presentation ' Lament' 20th Ulster-American Heritage Symposium: Irish Hunger, Poverty and Migration: A Transatlantic Perspective -- June 18-21, 2014, Quinnipiac University, USA.

Essay: "Book,Exhibition,Lecture, Website: Revisiting
Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict Belfast" by Angela Kelly in
Photography & the Artist¹s Book edited by Theresa Wilkie, Jonathan Carson
& Rosie Miller. Published by MuseumsEtc ­ go to for more information

 Book chapter; Catharsis :Images of Post-Conflict Belfast, Photographies Journal,  Volume 6, Issue1, Taylor and Francis, London, 2013.

Here and Elsewhere: Cazenovia Gallery, Cazenovia College, NY, 2012

Gallery r Invitational, Rochester NY, USA 2012

Regarding Place: Photomedia Invitational (4 artists) Tower Fine Arts, Brockport, NY